How to Become A Better Friend

btf The famous proverb “A friend in need is a friend indeed!” proves the significance of friendship. Well, everyone wants a good and faithful friend with whom he can share his weal and woes without any hesitation.

Well, if you want to make a healthy and ever-lasting relation with your friends, you would need to become a better friend of him. Once you become a true and candid friend of him/her, you can expect the same from your friends.

Now the main problem is how to become a better friend? Don’t get upset, read the article that would disclose some tips to become a true and better friend in order to win the true friendship in return.

First, you would need to become a good and sincere audience for your friends. When you listen to your friends carefully and suggest them what is right or wrong, you are creating your faith in their hearts. This thing would let them realize that you are interested in what they are saying to you.

Second thing is that you must be confidential for each and every friend separately. This is the most prominent way to become a better friend. Everyone likes to share something personal about with such a person who doesn’t disclose his secrets to others. What your friends say keep that in your heart forever!

Third important thing is if you are willing to get an enduring friendship, you would need to spend some time with your friends. If you don’t make proper intimacy and conversation with them, it would create distances between you and them. You can make weekly plans to meet your friends that would really help you become a better friend.

Next thing to become a better friend is to always encourage your friends; however you must not support them if they are wrong in some matters. Suggest your friends what is true and don’t support them if they are not acting in social manners. It is the way that would strengthen your friendship with your friends. I am sure if you keep these points in your mind, you would succeed in becoming a better and true friend!


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