How to beat stress at the workplace?

rst These days practically every individual is under some or the other kind of stress – children are under immense pressure of studies, youngsters are stressed out planning a successful career and adults are worried about their savings and future security.

With the burgeoning population, mere survival seems to have become dependent on beating your competitors. Global business industry has turned from bad to worse with each business unit trying to wipe out the meekly ones.

These days it is a common scenario to see companies being launched and shut down, firing employees in the name of cost cutting, liquidation of firms, bankruptcy so on and so forth. Be it a management student, lawyer, doctor, professor, engineer or a business owner, stress has left no one untouched.

Stress can have adverse effects on our mind and body as well resulting frequently in hypertension, heart stroke, headaches, loss of appetite, etc. Given below are some safeguards which can help one reduce stress if not completely eliminate it.


1. Have a problem which needs to be tackled at the earliest? Do not get panicky. Relax yourself.

2. Give some time to understand the problem. Identify possible causes for the problem and make a note of them.

3. Take a break if your mind is too preoccupied with other thoughts. Play your favorite game, watch your favorite movie, listen to a melodious song of your choice etc. The bottom line is getting the clutter out of your mind.

4. Begin afresh on the problem at hand. This helps you stay focused and facilitates better thought process.

5. Do not sit and sulk alone – If the problem is a serious one, it would be better to get the views of experts on it. Their services would attract some cost but the benefits would far exceed the expenses.

Bhrat Brij

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