How to Beat Fatigue

fatigue Fatigue is a part and parcel of our busy and over worked life. But is there really any solution to win our war against fatigue? This article is an attempt to find those answers. And it seems there are some steps that one can take to at least decrease the level of fatigue.


Yeah you have to start this fight by making your diet healthier and more balanced. Include food items that would help you build a more energetic body. Include fibers, vegetables, and fish. See that your meal has a good balance of carbohydrate, protein, and fat. Never skip your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Remember breakfast is the first major meal that you are going to have in the day before lunch. Make sure that your body has required amount of calcium and iron. However, avoid any food that you are allergic to. In case you suffer from obesity then you should also watch out your fat intake.


A good nights sleep will definitely help you feel more recharged. Every individual should sleep for eight ours a day. Make sure that you get sufficient sleep. Lack of sleep can also lead to fatigue and other problems.


A healthy body will have less chance to suffer from fatigue. Though it is true that everybody feels tired after a day’s hard work but if you have a strong physique then you can withstand physical strain for a longer time. Keep a regular exercise regimen. Enrolling in a gym definitely helps.

Drink Water

Sometimes fatigue is a result of dehydration. This is quite common during summer. You can prevent this by drinking lots and lots of water. Always carry a bottle of water whenever you are leaving your house for a long period of time. Keep a water bottle handy while jogging or going for an early morning run.

Caffeine a Bane

Caffeine can disturb your sleep and that is why some suggests that it is always good to avoid this drink after noon. If you cannot go without your cup of coffee then make an attempt to at least lessen its intake. You can also replace it with herbal tea.

Lift Your Mood

People who have a positive mind set gets tired less easily. You too can cultivate a positive mood. You can go for aromatherapy or a full body massage. These things always help in reenergizing your body and mind. Even morning walk or a bicycle ride can have a positive effect on you.

Drink Water after Partying

You can have a rave party at night but make sure that you have two glasses of water before hitting the sack. This will help you to counter hangover in a better way. You will also feel less tired.

Follow these tips and you will tire less frequently and will develop better stamina.


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