How to be yourself?

bey Everybody has a so called ‘self’ that most of us at times or many times forget and live the life for the sake of people around. If you have a self that is worthy of being itself, then why can’t you be yourself? When you succeed in being yourself you also succeed in expressing yourself without wondering ‘what will people think?’

Well, don’t you think this is the worst part of the show if you cant even be yourself? Isn’t that the least of a human right? If you have a desire to be yourself at least from now on, consider the following points.

• Analyze yourself as an individual and make up your individuality: Take some time for yourself alone and understand who you are, what you like to be, where exactly in life should you want to reach and how you want to live your life. When you do this you discover yourself which you never did so far. If you got to know yourself, then bring it out your individuality defining you, your likes and your style.

• Believe in yourself: You have your own strength which you could rely on. This does not mean that you should not have any weakness. No man is perfect. So, believe in yourself understanding that imperfection is there in all.

• Forget about what others think of you: Live the way you would like to. Do not bother much of the society wondering what they would think of you. You know what you are, then why consider other’s thought.

• Do not be carried away by other’s opinion: Different people have different opinion on certain things. There will be so many people to advice you and state their opinions. You may listen to them if you want to make them feel happy. But always do what your self asks you to.


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