How to be satisfied with your life

lifee Human ambitions and desires know no end.  There is always a need for more and more.  Our desires do not stop when we accomplish one.  When one desire is met, another desire takes shape.  In this pursuit of never-ending demand and increasing needs, we forget to be content with what we have. 

We forget to appreciate what we have and run behind things that we feel will make us more complete and satisfied.  The chase begins and life becomes an eternal struggle for achieving those desires.

Such a tendency can lead to excessive burden on your physical and mental capacity.  We lose peace of mind.  Joy and happiness disappears from life.  The feeling of inadequacy and pressure to meet our desires takes a considerable toll on our mind and body.

To be satisfied with your life, be grateful and value what you have.  Realize that you may have been in a worse condition, or that there are many others who do not possess what you have, but are relatively happier with their lives.

Do not base your ambitions on false notions of power, status, glamour etc.  Have a higher purpose to life than making money, owing plush houses, swanky vehicles, trendy jewellery and so on.  Decide your priority.  Do not get influenced by materialistic tendencies building around you.  Think what you really want your life to be like.

Self-discipline is also important for taming the mind and stopping it from wandering after worldly possessions and riches.  Maintaining balance of mind and guarding against jealously, worry and negative tendencies is important.  Build on your spiritual assets.  Go into self-introspection and reason out the purpose of your existence, what happiness means to you, what will make you feel satisfied, accomplished and happy etc.

Value yourself for whatever you have achieved.  Be happy and spread joy and laughter around you.  Help people in need, and those who do not have privileges and advantages like yourself.  Helping others may give you more satisfaction rather than fulfillment of your desires.


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