How to be safe while working out on treadmill

tmi Treadmill exercises are a good way to stay fit, burn fat and to achieve overall fitness and weight control.  It improves the stamina and helps to build the muscles in the legs.  It improves the supply of oxygen in the body and refreshes the mind. 

Treadmill exercises also help to elevate the mood and help in overcoming stress and depression.  However, certain precautions have to be followed to make the exercise injury free and beneficial.

Wear good quality sports shoes for the exercise.  Use a shoe that has good padding, so that walking on the treadmill is comfortable.  If the cushion is good, the leg or joints will not hurt while working out.  Wear smooth and comfortable socks for better grip.

Never exercise on naked feet or wearing sandals or flip-flops, since it does not provide any support to the feet.  Buy a treadmill that has a good surface with adequate padding so that the impact of joints, heels or ankles is not more.

Wear comfortable and light clothing like t-shirts and shorts.  Do not exercise wearing baggy pants, jeans or any other attire that restricts free movement.

Do not eat or drink immediately before exercising.  Leave a gap of atleast one hour between consumption of food and exercising.  Also do not drink water while exercising, as you may experience heaviness, tightness, cramps or abdominal pain.

Set up the treadmill carefully and safety.  If you are installing the treadmill it home, follow the instruction booklet and fix it correctly.  Refer to the manual and understand the readings that pop up on the treadmill.  Check if they are functioning correctly and displaying accurate figures.

Initially, hold the treadmill and have a grip while walking.  If not, you may lose balance and fall.  Adjust the speed according to your comfort.  Know how to operate the treadmill and stop it.

Look ahead and walk.  If you look down, chances are that you may feel dizzy due to the constant motion.  If you do feel giddy, stop for a moment.  Take it slowly.  Do not be in a haste to reach a particular speed or lose more calories at a stretch.


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