How to be safe while rock climbing

rockclimbing Rock climbing is a challenging and interesting sport.  It can be energy consuming and needs a lot of stamina.  It also needs essential skills, alertness and presence of mind.  Rock climbing can be one of the most adventurous experiences; and can be followed as an active sport.  You can pursue rock climbing as a hobby or as a profession too.  Following certain safety tips will just make your adventure fun filled and injury free.

Comfort is essential while rock climbing.  Choose your perfect clothing and shoes carefully.  Wear light and well fitting clothes.  Do not wear long and very loose clothes as they may restrict your movement.  Wear clothes like short pants and t-shirt.  Avoid heavy or skintight clothes like jeans, so that free movement is possible.

Buy good quality suitable shoes so that you get the desired grip on the rocks while climbing up.  It will also save you from injury or unnecessary twist or strain on the toe fingers.  Avoid using sandals or flip-flops while rock climbing.

Next comes the protective gear.  Use a helmet, knee cap and elbow cap so that, there will not be direct impact on the knees and elbows incase you lose grip can bang against the rocks.

Use good quality and well maintained hooks and other climbing devices.  Try the knots, the devices, harness etc once before using it actually.  Fasten the knots and devices well to your body so that it will support and hold you, and prevent you from falling.

Check the rock while you hold it.  Sometimes the rocks may be loose and on the verge of giving away.  Check for the stability of the rocks you are holding before climbing up.  Do not throw loose stones down.  Duck yourself well if you see pieces of rock or debris falling from above.

Do a few stretching and warm up exercises before starting the actual feet.  Also be rested adequately.  The sport needs stamina.  Eat (small light meal) atleast one hour prior to climbing.  Sip (not gulp) on glucose or energy drinks in proper time intervals to keep yourself energetic and hydrated.


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