How to be safe during camping trips

ctr Camping trips are a good occasion to get over the day-to-day grind of work, hectic schedules, personal and professional pressures, stress and tension.  Such trips can be refreshing, energizing and rejuvenating to the mind and body. 

Camping trips can be a fun filled and safe experience as the activities involved are not heavy or strenuous.  It also does not required professional expertise.  However, certain safety tips can help to avoid emergencies or spoil the overall mood of the camping trip.

Get information about the climatic conditions of the place you are visiting.  Pack clothes that will be suitable to those conditions, so that you not catch fever or cold due to inadequate clothing, nor do you get rashes or heat boils due to excessive and heavy clothing.  Clothing also adds to your level of comfort.

Know about the kind of health treats the place may pose, for example malaria, worms etc, and be prepared for it.  Get yourself vaccinated beforehand with the advise of your doctor.  You could carry medicated tablets to purify the water to prevent jaundice, stomach infection or viral infections.

You may carry tablets for any medical condition you have.  Keep tablets for headache, cold, nausea or fever so that the condition does not worsen.  You may also carry mosquito repellent for protection.

Eat well and stay hydrated.  Do not go on trekking or hiking trips on empty stomach.  Eat the meal provided to you.  Be hydrated by carrying a water bottle wherever you go.  Do not strain yourself or starve yourself during the trip.  Try to follow your eating schedule and the quantity of food you eat.

Do not wander off alone to lonely places.  Be with the group.  If you are going around for a stroll, inform others about your whereabouts.  Do not venture out alone in the night.  Follow the directions and safety precautions stated by the camp organizers.  Carry a torch during night time so that you do not trip and get injured.


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