How to be punctual for work

punctual Late coming employees create a negative impression in the minds of employers.  It does get noticed and may create an ill reputation about you at your workplace.  It may also create doubts about your integrity and sincerity towards work.

To be punctual, plan your day in advance.  Decide what clothes you will wear the next day and keep it ready the previous night.  By doing this, you will save plenty of time in the morning not thinking what to wear and then struggling to find the right pair of clothes.

Sleep on time and wake up on time.  Follow a daily routine and stick to it.  Get adequate sleep.  Avoid the tendency to sleep for extra 5, 10 or 15 minutes.  Neither does it complete your quota of sleep nor does it make you feel more rested.  Once you wake up, leave your bed.

Keep track of time you spend on each activity.  If you find your mind distracted somewhere, bring it back and focus on what you are doing.  If you allow your mind to brood, it will lead to wastage of time and last minute haste.

If you need to take some important papers to office, keep it ready at night itself so that you do not waste time hunting for it in the morning.

Be an organized person.  Keep your clothes, watch, purse, office bags, handkerchief, socks etc in the same place everyday.  So that you avoid last minute searching and haste.

Make it a policy to be 15-20 minutes early, so that incase you get stuck in traffic or any other work, you can still make it to your workplace on time.

Make it a practice to be early and on time.  Once you get habituated to leaving home on time, you will continue the same habit.  However, if you are late and make no effort to change it, you may fall into the habit to being late.


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