How to be Photogenic

Some people don’t look good in pictures, even if they are beautiful. And some look gorgeous in spite of their average looks. It all depends on how photogenic you are. To be photogenic, you must follow the tips below. Get an idea about how should you carry yourself while posing for a snap and look awesome in every picture taken.

Be very natural when someone takes your photograph. Don’t be very conscious otherwise you will look nervous and artificial. Be your own self and be spontaneous. Holding breath is another very bad posture. Relax and give a pose. Keep a natural smile on your face. It will add value to your picture. However, if you find it hard to smile, leave it and just be casual.

Wear colorful clothes. Colorful dress will make the picture much brighter. Also choose the dresses that suit you better. The color should also complement you. There must be some specific colors that suit you the best. Sp pick those dresses when you pose for a picture.

Hide your double chin in your photographs. You easily hide it by keeping you head a little down and keeping the camera a little above your eye level. Another thing you should try is to keep your tongue a little above, toward the roof of your mouth. These tricks will help you hide you double chin is a picture.

Imagine delightful things so that a natural smile comes on your face. Thinking about funny things is a natural dosage to bring smile in your lips. It will also save you from keeping an artificial smile and looking rigid.

Try to hide the faults in your face (if any). While shooting before a camera, conceal the defects and look marvelous. This is a benefit that camera give you. Since it’s a momentary action, it becomes easier for you to hide any kind of blemishes from your face.


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