How to be patient

patient Having patience is essential for our emotional and physical well being.  If we are patient, we can reduce the stress and tension that the current lifestyle entails.  It also does not help to get restless and short tempered, since there are many things really beyond on our control. 

Understand what factors lead to impatience.  It could be a nearing deadline, dislike for a person, preoccupation with other things, lack of time and so on.  Write down things that cause you to get restless, so that you can be prepared to deal with it better.

Use positive affirmations.  Do not feel very negatively about this tendency.  Impatience may be a normal reaction, however, you need to remind yourself that certain things take time to sort out and you will have to wait.

Talk to yourself.  Train your mind for calming down.  Repeat words like ‘I will be patient’, ‘ I will be calm’, ‘I can wait’, ‘impatience will not help’, ‘relax’ etc.

When we lose patience, our muscles get tensed due to the stress and tension.  Make a conscious effort to relax and loosen your tense muscles.

Learn to relax.  Take a break when you feel that you are losing control.  Go out in the open and breathe deeply.  Sit down comfortably in a place that is relatively calm, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing.  It should help you to calm down.

Lack of patience or restlessness may also be due to excess energy or emotionally positive phase.  Try to maintain a balance.  Exercise regularly everyday for atleast 30 minutes.  Practice yoga or meditation to get control over your emotions and body.

Use your mind for controlling your emotions.  Whenever you find you are beginning to lose patience, tell your mind to regain your composure.  Exercise self control.  It may be difficult in the beginning, however, with practice, you will be able to overcome the condition.


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