How to be more energetic

energetic Energy is to the body like petroleum is for motor vehicles. It powers the body to perform essential activities. Energy levels will fluctuate in all people during different times of the day. It is important to feel energetic throughout the day to be efficient in whatever you do. Here’s how to be more energetic.

1) Get more sleep. Sleeping revamps the body’s energy levels. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a day. Avoid sleeping during the day. This will actually lower your energy level. Sleeping during day will decrease the body’s metabolic process, and it can in turn make you gain weight. Try to take only short naps.

2) Regular exercise raises the body’s resistance to fatigue. It gives your muscles the much needed rejuvenation due to increased blood flow. You can go for walks in the morning or evening. Walk briskly. An appropriate place to walk would be a park, or a flat road.

3) Take up an auxiliary refreshing activity or pick up a hobby. You can enroll at a local badminton club to play games in the mornings. Even games like table tennis, squash, lawn tennis etc can give you more energy. If you are into weight training, always do 20 minutes of cardio exercise. Cardio exercise increases the body’s stamina and will contribute to enhanced energy levels. By doing only weight training you will not be energetic.

4) Eat plenty of vitamin B rich food. Vitamin B breaks down carbohydrates into glucose, which is an important source of energy. Vitamin B is also called thiamin. Vitamin B rich foods are eggs, red meat, vegetables, berries, grains, yeast, leafy greens etc.

5) Have a sunbath once every month. You can have a mild morning sunbath on a weekend. Sun stimulates the production of Vitamin D. It also helps augment your energy levels.

6) Drink plenty of water.

7) Develop positive habits and attitude. Think like a winner. Always entertain healthy thoughts in your mind. Do not spend time worrying. Worry drains away the body’s will to be energetic and resourceful. Develop your own mental screensavers to prohibit worrying thoughts to invade your mind space.


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