How to be careful while skating

skt Skating is a fun sport.  It can be a relaxing or challenging sport, and can be pursued as a hobby.  The process of learning to skate can be a bit complicated, due to lack of balance on the skateboard.

However, with assistance of a coach or learned person, it can be picked up easily.  As beginners or as a person who knows to skate, there are certain precautious that can be followed to make the sport safe and injury free.

While beginning to learn skating, take assistance of a sports club and a coach.  This will enable you to skate in a safe environment.  You need to learn how to balance yourself, maintain your body posture, learn to stop or start etc.  Learning in a perfect skating rink with the help of a coach is a good way to go about it.

Use good quality skateboard.  Check signs of damage or breakage before putting it on.  Check the wheels and see if they are smooth enough for you to use.  Use a good quality footwear that gives a comfortable grip on the skateboard.  Fasten your feet and the skateboard well, so that your feet do not slip out of it midway.

Skate on a smooth surface.  It will not only make it safe and comfortable for you to skate, but will also minimize the wear and tear of the skateboard and its wheels.

Use the support of the railings till the time you learn.  You may also hold a hand or rope while you are beginning to learn.  Do not be in a haste to learn, and try to skate without proper advise and skills.

Injuries in skating can be common due to falling down.  Use protective gear like a helmet, knee cap and elbow cap to prevent direct impact by falling on the floor.  Taking care of knees and elbows is important, as hitting the ground may lead to fracture or breakage of bones.

Avoid skating on the street or a road.  Do not scare or distract a person skating.  Do not push or play pranks over others.  Do not try to pull difficult stunts.


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