How to be careful while rappelling

rpa Rappelling is an interesting sport.  It is just the opposite of rock climbing.  It is the sport for descending from rocks or other vertical surfaces.  Rappelling does not need a lot of stamina or energy due to the descent.  However, technique and skill are important for rappelling.  A wrong move or trick can cause injury and throw you off balance.

For rappelling, the protective gear and equipments used for safety are very important.  Wear all your protective gear while rappelling, like helmet, knee cap or elbow cap.  This will reduce the impact or jerk experienced on hitting a hard surface.

While rappelling your comfort is of utmost importance.  Wear light and short clothes for this purpose.  Avoid wearing heavy material like jeans or skintight clothes that will restrict movement.  Wear shorts or half length pants and t-shirts, so that your clothing does not come in the way of your rappelling.

Wearing the right kind of shoe is important.  You may have to use special shoes for rappelling to get adequate grip on the surface.  Avoid using flip-flops or sandals while rappelling.  Wear gloves while rappelling so that the hands can glide smoothly over the rope, and you will prevent rashes, sores and cuts on the skin.

The harness, safety belt, fastening equipments must be of good quality, so that it can hold and protect you incase you trip.  Check the equipments for locking, grip etc. once before putting it to use.  Tighten the rope and check the knots, so that it can prevent you from descending down and hurting yourself.

Let the ropes pass in between your legs so that you can hold it properly in the front and back.  Check the ropes to see signs of wear and tear.  Use safety backups.

Choose the method of rappelling that you find easy and comfortable.  Follow the instruction of your coach or guide thoroughly.  Observe them while rappelling so that you get tips  about it.  Lean back safely and do not keep your body very stiff.  Do not panic if you lose control or sway.  With adequate precautions in place, you will not fall down or injure yourself badly.


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