How to be an expert at makeup

me Which woman doesn’t want to excel at the art of applying makeup? It is definitely something that every woman wants to do perfectly. After all, it is good makeup that can make or mar the first impression of a person. Make up is a tool to highlight the features that are good.

It can also be used to play down the not-so appealing features on your body and face. For these reasons, if you are good with your make-up, you can even end up looking much more gorgeous that you actually are. Certainly, makeup is the key to making it big at a party or a social do. There are some basic techniques that can be used to apply makeup perfectly.

For the eyes, make sure you have a good collection of quality eye-accessories. A pair of eye-lashes can you’re your eyes a mysterious, dark look. With good quality mascara, the effect can be enhanced to perfection.

You must have good quality eye shadows. These come either in a creamy finish, or in the powder form. Eye shadows with a creamy finish add a look of shimmer to the eyes. Use good quality brushes to apply the eye shadow. You can mix and match two or more shades to get the maximum effect.

In summer time, it is best to avoid using a foundation base. After you bathe, start with applying a light moisturizer on your hands and legs. You can also use your sunscreen as a base for makeup. First apply the sunscreen on you face.

After five minutes, apply the compact. The shade of the compact should match your skin tone, it should not be either too light or too dark. Next, put on the eyelashes. Apply the chosen eye shadow and then apply the eye-liner. Use mascara the last.


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