How to be an efficient boss?

ldr Business cannot be run by rules and regulations alone. There has to be a competent authority which possesses the right leadership qualities to control the staff or the employees. Various psychological researches have proved that humans are very dynamic.

As a good boss, you have to have an insight in to the psychological traits that influence employee behavior. You must try to bring out the desirable qualities and curb the undesirable ones.

Being a boss does not mean that you need to be an authoritarian who just dictates his or her terms over the subordinates. You also have to play the role of a guide, mentor, and counselor to get the work done as per the set standards.

Imbibe qualities to set your self as an example for others to follow – proficiency, foresight, punctuality, diligence and leadership are if you want to be acknowledged as a boss.

Read the given instructions:

Step 1 – It is rightly said that first impression is the last impression. Thus your first interaction with the staff must be both professional and amicable.

Step 2 – Lay down an effective grievance settlement channel to for go the issues faced by employees at the earliest.

Step 3 – Firmly stress on the goals and missions of the organization. Clearly state your priorities and expectations from the staff and subordinates.

Step 4 – Exercise prudence and diligence when it comes to handling deviant behavior of employees. Try to probe into the reasons for such a behavior and take feasible remedial measures. Issue warnings and if still the problem continues to persist, exercise your judgmental prudence to part ways with such employees.

Step 5 – Be creative and try to bring about favorable changes to break the monotonous office set up. Arrange for official outings or gatherings where you can show the other side of your personality. This will help in rapport building.

Bhrat Brij

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