How to be a successful public relations official

pbrl Public relations is an important portfolio.  Companies appoint a public relations officer to bridge the gap between the developments in the company and the dissemination of this knowledge to outside world through various sources. 

Multi National Corporations have a separate department called Corporate Communications that handles all the communication with the outside world.  Public Relations Officer is an important personnel in this department.

To be a successful pubic relations official, information and knowledge is very essential.  You need to be alert and aware of what is happening in the organization.

You need to be on your toes and be in touch with the management, so that you are updated about the recent developments, policies, profits, future plans etc of the organization.  Take efforts to verify that the knowledge you have is complete and correct.

You must be dynamic, energetic and enthusiastic person.  You must come across as a person who is interested in the organization and is willing to share this knowledge with the media or other interested parties.  Your interest should be in helping the organization to gain goodwill and a positive image in the eyes of its shareholders, clients, media and investors.

Keeping lines of communication open is very important.  Never keep your mobile switched off when you not in a meeting.  Answer to your phone calls.  If you are busy, give an alternative time or call back later.  Never evade calls or make false excuses to avoid communication.

Be diplomatic.  Many times the organization may want to keep some developments a secret and may not like to reveal these details immediately.  As a public relations officer, you need to be aware what information you can disclose and what has to be withheld.

You have to be tactful and diplomatic in dodging these questions put forth by the media.  Try not to be evasive.  Inform them that they will be intimated in future and that currently the information cannot be divulged.

Have a good rapport with the media and other agencies that take interest in your organization.


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