How to be a successful marketing personnel

smp Marketing for a brand or product can be done either by using forms of media like television or radio, or can be done by door-to-door contact or personal meetings. 

Now a days marketing can be done via emails and telephones too.  This article deals with the skills a person must possess in case he/she is in a marketing profession, which deals with face-to-face meetings with prospective customers.

Personality, body language and soft skills are very important for being a successful marketing professional.  Personality includes your grooming, your appearance, your manner, attitude and style.

Body language is a part of your personality and deals with the way you carry yourself, your level of confidence, etiquettes etc.  Soft skills comprise of your oral communication skills like ability to carry on a conversation in a pleasant, polite and confident manner.

Personality creates the first impression.  Therefore take efforts to groom yourself well.  Wear formal clothes for the meeting.  Take care to see take the clothes are well pressed and are washed clean, so that there are no stains over it.  Choose colours like light blue/green, white, gray, brown, blue or black to give you a professional appearance.

Keep your body language positive and professional.  Be pleasant and cheerful.  Have an easy manner.  Don’t be nervous and serious.  Have a ready smile and greet prospective customers.

Don’t have a rigid body and fidgety movements.  Do not cross your legs or fold your hands across your chest.  Sit comfortably.  Be controlled and confident about yourself.

Your good  oral communication skills are very important.  Greet people when you meet them.  Have a polite but audible voice.  Do not speak in monotone.  Alter your pitch when you are making an important point.  Stop and take a pause when needed.

Do not interrupt the prospective client while he/she is talking.  Have a tone that displays enthusiasm and confidence.  Don’t be in a haste to tell about your product or prove a point.


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