How to be a reliable person

rbp A reliable and dependent person creates a good opinion among people, whether at home or at workplace.  People also like to make friends with a reliable person and feel confident that they are secure and safe in the relationship.

A reliable person can be of great help to co-workers in helping them out in times of emergency.  Thus a dependable person creates a goodwill and high reputation for himself/herself in the minds of people he/she deals with.

To be a reliable person, know what you really are.  Recognize your characteristics and personality.  Do not portray yourself to be someone you are not.  You may impress others with your so-called qualities, but will find it difficult to maintain that image for long.  So to be dependable, be true to yourself and others.  Be honest and sincere.

Learnt to keep secrets. This is an essential quality a dependable person must possess.  If anyone confides in you, assure him or her that you will keep it to yourself.  Stick to your assurance.  Never gossip or spread false rumours about anyone.  Think twice before you speak and guard yourself from slip of tongue.

Learn to have a consistent behaviour. Take care of yourself and your mood swings.  Maintain consistency in the method and style of interaction with people.  Do not act very friendly and intimate one day, and ignore them the next day.  Be balanced and control your mood swings so that you do not come across as an unpredictable and untrustworthy person to others.

Be honest and straightforward. Accept your limitations and do not hide it from people.  Do not try to impress people with false statements, flattery and tricks.  Be sensitive and careful about your dealings with others.

Be available when your friends or family need you. Value your relationships and give it adequate time and attention.  Do not absent yourself when you are most needed.  Do not make lame excuses and false promises.


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