How to be a Good Working Mother

working Ask any working mother and they will tell you what a tough time they have in satisfying both their family members and their bosses. Though many working mothers may not need any tips in management others may find it helpful if some one helps them out. That is why we have some suggestions here. Take a look we believe that you will find them useful.

Prioritize Your Needs

Confirm your needs and wants. If you think that your career needs some extra time then give it that time. This brainstorming is needed because no matter how well you try there will be moments when you have to choose one over the other. There might be times when you have to pick between a board meeting and a school social.

Making Sacrifices

Working mothers do make sacrifices, which are often taken for granted. No mother likes to leave her baby with a babysitter, but that might be necessary to run the house. However, their work gets easier if they get due support from their spouses or other family member.

Help Your Child to Understand

This might be the right time that you explain your child why you have to do what you have to do. He or she might be a kid but will understand the need of money. After all it is this money that buys his toys.

Making Your Child Independent

Working mothers can take this as an opportunity to make their children independent. You may ask them to try to do their homework independently or keep their room clean. However, also assure them that you will be there whenever they need you. This will help in your child’s grooming. This will also help you get out of that guilt pang.


Your child may throw tantrums sometimes but you have to be patient. Remember, he is just a child who is trying to adjust. Encourage him even more.

Quality Time

Try to spend some quality time with your child whenever possible. Play with him or just spend some time in chitchat. This will show him that he is loved and cared for and will make him less insecure.


It is important for every working mother that they stay fit. That is why you should spend some time in doing some free hand exercise. Moreover, during your child’s formative years he or she looks up to you as role model. Who knows your child too may feel encouraged to work out.

These tips might be easier said than done but we know every working mother is special and they can do it.


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