How to be a good team leader

tle A leader has various qualities like decision making, encouraging team members, inspiring them, motivating the team to do well, setting an example before them and guiding them in tough times.

For being an effective leader, you need to possess good communication skills.  It includes conveying your ideas effectively to the team, listening to the members, maintaining rapport with them, being sensitive to the needs of team members and providing opportunities for sharing information and venting grievances.

You must be a knowledgeable person with complete and accurate information about the domain of your work.  You need to possess certain expertise, skill or experience so that your position as a leader is accepted well.  Keep yourself updated with latest developments and share it with others.

Team members also look up to leaders in times of difficulty.  The leader has to take up the role of showing them the way and motivating them to do their best.  Guide them using your knowledge and expertise.

Value each member of the team.  Have a good one to one rapport with each member.  Do not sideline any particular member of the team or show excessive admiration for selected individuals.  Be fair.  Praise work done well and give credit where necessary.

Give space to the team members to express their ideas or thoughts about the work or new projects.  Make individuals feel like they are an important part of the team.  Allow them to convey their disappointment or grievance related to the work or other team members, and address it.

Do not be bossy or put on a superior attitude.  Do not ridicule or criticize a team member.  If you have a matter to sort out, do it privately.  Do not bad mouth or gossip about team members with others.

Be professional but not serious all the time.  Be humorous, and make the team work an enjoyable and valuable experience.


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