How to be a good neighbor

neighbors Most times people don’t have the liberty nor can afford to choose their neighbors. Unless people live in islands or isolated villas, neighbors are a reality. People complain about their neighbors most often than not. In crowded localities, neighbors even take to the streets quarrelling. This can go further when irked neighbor sue one another in court.

There was a man in Germany who sued his neighbor because his barking dog prevented him from sleeping at night. Your family’s reputation in your locality depends on how good a neighbor you have been. It’s not very difficult to be a good neighbor. Here’s how.

Volume control – Keep the volume of your television, radio, music system or any other equipment at a reasonable level, such that it does not disturb your neighbor. Often when guests come home, we tend to pump up the volume of our music systems. Have some restraint in this regard. Even if you are having a party, just place a call to your neighbors telling them about a party at your place.

Courtesy is better than controversy. If you are refurbishing your house, this will definitely involve a lot of drilling and grinding noise. So remember to let everyone know that you are going to make some noise!

Socialize – Get out and meet people. Break those ice barriers that prevent communication with your neighbors. Greet people on your street or locality whenever you meet them. Strike a balanced conversation with them. Get to know them, and let them get to know you. The more sociable you are, the better neighbor you become, and people will never have a problem with you.

Start a locality charter – If you have the time, then you can rope in all your neighbors to form a local residents organization. This is the best way to take your neighboring skills to its zenith.


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