How to be a Good Host

host A good host has the ability to make his or her guests feel at home. It is a good host who is remembered and talked about even by his enemies. There are some countries where a host has the responsibility of protecting the life, honor and belongings of his guests at any cost. In fact there are many stories that center around the idea of being a good host. So, how can one become a good host? Read on to find out.

The Right Way to Invite

Your quest for becoming a good host starts from sending the invitation. The best way to invite someone is definitely on person. However, in many cases that might not be possible due to geographical distance. That is why sending invitation cards is a good option. Provide all the necessary details regarding the venue, date, time, transportation, and dress code. This will prevent any future confusion. You can also invite people over the phone but do not use text messages.

Picking Up Your Guests

In case you are sending a car to pick your guests up then make sure it reaches on time. A good host should not make his guests wait for long that too in an airport. You should also check the condition of the vehicle so it does not trouble in the midway.

Prepare Your House

Ready your house for receiving the honored guests. You should make your house sufficiently clean, and tidy. If your guests are going to stay for a few days then don’t forget to clean the guest rooms as well. In case you don’t have a guest room then you should also make a decision about the sleeping arrangements of your guests.

Know the Number of Guests

If you can manage to know the number of guests that you have to entertain then your job can get a bit easier. You can also find out how many of them would stay back. Be tactful while asking these information.

Extra Guest

As a host you cannot lose your head when an extra guest lands up. A good host has to entertain all his guests so, stay calm and use your common sense. This person should not feel unwanted.

Keep Smiling

It is your smile that will charm your guests even further. A host who remains calm even under tremendous pressure is sure to become respected one.

Greeting Your Guests

While greeting your guests don’t forget to greet the youngest member of the group. It is always good idea to great everyone individually. This will show your care and attention.

House Rules and House Tour

Show your house to your guests. If they have some to your house before then show them the new additions. Are there any specific rules that your guests need to follow? Then let them know about those rules.

When Accidents Happen

Sometimes unforeseen events happen so, be well prepared for emergencies. If any of your guests falls ill you should take care of him or her. In case a child suffers an injury then let its parents know.

Activities and Entertainment

You should make arrangements in order to entertain your guests. Playing music and participating in various games is a good idea. If your guests are here to tour the country then tell them about the places they should; visit. You should also arrange for transportation that would help them in sightseeing.


You can cook yourself, which the best option. However, you can also order food from a reputable restaurant in case you cannot manage to cook for all of your guests.

Just pay attention to the needs and comforts of your guests and you can become a good host.


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