How to be a good executive?

executive2 Modern era is marked by tremendous growth in each and every sector. Information technology is indeed one sector that has come to exercise its dominance over the professional world. It has revolutionized the whole work culture within an organizational framework. An executive is a prominent figure in a business set up who executes the decisions made by the top management to the subsequent levels.

A proficient executive plays a key role in fostering the profitability and goodwill of the organization. He or she as an executive has to shoulder massive responsibilities of the management and disseminate it among the subordinates.

It is seen that a successful executive in general imbibes three skill sets namely expertise, specialization and exposure.

Instructions to help one become an effective executive:

1.    Keep excelling in your area of expertise. Whether it is engineering, IT, health, human resource, bio technology, finance, marketing, advertising, etc. the executive should be well qualified and skillful in his or her specific field.

2.    Enhance special skills so as to set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Language proficiency, computer literacy and art of communication are a few traits which can etch the minds of listeners. Being tech savvy would be an additional advantage to survive in this hi-tech era.

3.    Consistently update your current knowledge with latest events, happenings and markets to grow professionally.

4.    Be eager to learn. Learning is a never ending process and as an executive you have the burning desire to know all that is necessary to execute the tasks at hand.

5.    Develop a broader global vision. He or she must be aware of changing trends, innovative ideas, business strategies that can help the organization over come competition.

6.    Set yourself as an example to follow. Hard work, dedication, creativity and pleasing disposition are some traits which can create a positive impression on your subordinates.

Bhrat Brij

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