How to be a cheerful person

cgr The current lifestyle has drained happiness and enjoyment out of our lives.  Most of us are preoccupied with our own problems related to professional life, personal life, worldly concerns and so on.

It adds to a lot of tension and stress.  People no longer appear cheerful and satisfied.  There is feeling of sadness or dullness and happiness seems evasive.

Most people appear morose, preoccupied and serious.  At a time when most people are morose and depressed, meeting a cheerful person can make their day happy and enjoyable.  Greeting people or giving a smile will lighten the mood, reduce your burden, relieve tension, as well as make other people around you happy and cheerful.

It may be difficult to act cheerful when you really do not feel like it.  However, once you develop the habit of being cheerful, you will dislike being any other way.  It is like a habit.  If you are constantly sad, serious, disappointed or unhappy, it becomes a habit with you and you feel comfortable only when you are that way.  Make it your habit to be cheerful.

When you feel upset or sad spend some time alone and try to resolve it.  Do not let issues remain unresolved and hang on your head all the time.  Be realistic and practical about the issues troubling you.  Most of the times we worry unnecessarily.  The best thing is to be patient and let time take care of it.  Value the present and enjoy.

Your difficulties and sorrows do not mean the end of the world.  Have faith that it will be solved.  In the meanwhile, be cheerful, live your life happily rather than getting tensed and stressed out.

Forget your personal problems at home and forget your professional problems at your workplace.  That will help you to reduce the burdens you carry in your head.

Be ready with a smile when you enter your workplace or return back home.  Have a good sense of humour.  Read online jokes,funny sms or watch funny videos or movies to cheer yourself up.


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