How to avoid stress during exams

exam Exam time can be very stressful for many of us.  Exams can cause a lot of tension, anxiety, panic and nervousness.  It may lead to loss of confidence and feeling of inadequacy and fear.  Due to this, there may be a desire to study more and more, adding to the burden.  There could be an overload on your brain and this may cause considerable stress. 

During exams, a fit mind and body are essential.  You may take stress before the exams and cover up the syllabus.  However, during the exam time, it is essential to be relaxed and calm, so that you can be less tensed.  By less tension and stress, your mind and body can focus and concentrate much better, and work efficiently.

Do not try marathon studying sessions and go without sleep for nights together.  Do not compromise on your food, due to lack of time and tension.  The best way to beat stress is to realize that you did your best in the time you had, and now you only need to revise what you have learnt, so that you can do your best with what you know well.

Lack of sleep and food will make you dull and add to the stressed out and exhausted feeling.  So make a conscious effort to take it easy.  Eat well.  Relax using yoga or meditation techniques.  You can also listen to your favourite music or go out for a walk or exercise.  This change will help to reduce your stress level.

Be under control.  Do not let irrational fear or rumours affect your faith in yourself and your preparation.  Be confident.  Do not panic.  You can also eliminate stress by keeping conversations with friends minimum during the exam time.

Avoid asking questions about their levels of preparation, what will happen, how far have they completed studying etc.  Ask only relevant doubts, if any and end the conversation.

De-stress by watching television or playing your favourite computer games for a short time.


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