How to avoid roaches

roa Cockroaches thrive on wastes, dirt and garbage.  An unclean and unhygienic surrounding acts as a fertile ground for growth and infestation by roaches.  Keep the cooking and food storing places clean. 

After cooking, clean the kitchen sink and counter with water mixed with a detergent or few drops of liquid solution.  Sweep the floor and mop it with water everyday.  Cleanliness is very important to get rid of  and control infestation by roaches.

After the meal/dinner is over, do not let the utensils and used plates lie in the kitchen sink.  Wash them off quickly.  If not, slightly rinse the utensils in running water so that most of the food particles are drained out.

As much as possible, avoid piling the dishes at night and leaving them unwashed overnight.  Though, if you have to do so, sprinkle your detergent powder or liquid soap solution on the dishes.  Roaches may not invade because of these chemical substances.

Do not keep food openly in the kitchen.  Keep it in airtight containers or in the refrigerator.  Keep the munching items and sweets in airtight boxes.  Keep the refrigerator clean.  Remove stale/old food and decaying perishable vegetables etc from the fridge.

If you are going out for a few days, wash all your dishes and stack them in their place.  Clean the house before you leave it.  Close all the windows.  Place naphthalene balls on windowsills, near the door, inside the wardrobe, in the washroom and on the drainage pipe in the kitchen sink so that roaches do not enter.

Keep the waste garbage outside your house.  Empty the bin at a place far away from your house.  Keep the bin clean.  Place a plastic/paper bag inside the bin and throw the garbage into it.  It will make throwing the garbage easier and will also not soil the bin.


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