How To Avoid Pickpockets

pickpockets Pick pocketing is one of the oldest thieveries for taking away people’s valuables unlawfully. It is a common offence across all countries. Pickpockets are clever operators who successfully use diversionary and distraction techniques to catch their victims unawares about their actions. When traveling to other regions, or countries it is easy to fall prey to pickpockets who offer unsolicited help. Here’s how to stay away from pickpockets.

– Always carry spare cash somewhere in your clothes as a precautionary measure while traveling. Try using two different wallets, one to hold credit cards and another to hold money. Always note down your credit card numbers on your mobile phone.

– Try to carry your wallet in your front pocket rather than the back pocket. When traveling on a train or a bus, keep a hand on your pockets, to keep a tab on your purse. If you are traveling with a luggage, then keep the wallet at the bottom of the suitcase or bag. Use small locks to secure the contents of your luggage.

– When walking through busy streets, avoid listening to music over headphones. This can make you less attentive to a possible pick-pocketing bid on you.

–  If you are drawing money from an ATM, try to be extremely cautions when dealing with strangers who try to strike a conversation with you. Always look around to see if there are no usual movements of people in and around the ATM.

– Try not to get into brawls at public places as these can be spoofs invented by pick pockets.

– Be aware of people deliberately trying to bump into you in an effort to throw you off balance.

– Consider a small re-invention of the way you carry money. Try using innerwear wallets or inner wallets. These wallets are not seen outside, and remain hidden within your clothes. This is a safe way to carry money without attracting attention.


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