How to avoid getting tanned

tan Extreme heat and exposure to direct sunrays and UV rays causes the skin to get tanned.  The skin loses its nurtured, healthy and glowing complexion and looks dull and patchy incase the tan is not uniform.

The most common method for prevention of tan is to apply sunscreen lotion or cream.  You can use SPF 45 or 50 sunblock cream.  Nowadays SPF 60 is also available in the market.  Choose the product depending upon your level of exposure to sunrays.  You can also benefit from sunscreen and UV protected lotion.

The skin also loses its moisture and appears dry and rough.  So apply sunscreen with moisturisers.  Use oil free moisturisers or sunscreen.  The cream gets dry in around 30 minutes so remember to reapply the lotion.  Tanning can also be avoided by using anti tanning spray.

Avoid contact with water if you are out in the sun.  Do not exercise, bath, swim or undertake activities that make you sweat.  Wake up early for outdoor exercising.  Or, take up indoor exercises like cardio or treadmill.  If you plan to go to a beach, go in the earlier part of the morning or in the evening.

Step out of the house early if you have to travel.  Do not expose yourself to midday or afternoon sun.  Wear a hat or cap, or carry an umbrella while stepping out.

Be aware of the tendency to wear sleeveless clothes in summer.  Rather, wear clothes with long sleeves to cut off direct exposure to sunrays.  This will not tan your skin too much.

Drink plenty of water.  Eat food rich in vitamin A and E, or take nutritional supplements after consultation with your doctor.  Take assistance from anti tan experts or dermatologists.  Be more careful if your skin is sensitive or needs intensive care.

Use lightening cream for reducing the tan.  Scrub your face with exfoliants or use peel off face masks to take off the tanned layer.


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