How to avoid getting drunk in a party

avoidd Parties are a rage with people of all ages. It is the ultimate setting for unwinding, relaxing and letting ones hair loose. There are different kinds of parties with different themes. But all of them have a common agenda. Drink, dance and doodle! The urban life has thrown many avenues for leisure and recreation. Parties are the most popular amongst them.

There could be a party at home, office, your club, a college-reunion party, a bachelors’ party and so on. A regular partygoer is also a regular drinker. But for people who don’t have prudence in handling themselves, the party could be a place of major embarrassments and getting characterization stigmata. Below are some tips to avoid being tipsy!

Empty stomachs make the most noise – Well this statement is a facetious. In other words, if you actually drink on an empty stomach, you will make the most ruckus! Because you can get ‘drunk’ easily. Always eat something before going for a party. Or you could even snack on something at the party itself, before you nod at the waiter for the libation. Make sure that you have your drink with ice, instead of some stupid carbonated mixers or anything else.

Sit-up comedy – Have you heard of stand-up comedy? Then you should know about sit-up comedy. This happens when you sit down with a group and drink, oblivious to the fact that you are drunk, realizing only when you try standing up! Always stand and drink. This will give you an idea of how much alcohol has gone in your body when your legs start to wobble. Talk to people and get into conversations. Don’t be by yourself. This will make you drink more.

Snail male – For once, just freeze upon your movements. In this case, even with your drinks. Drink slowly. Pace your drinks. Go sip by sip, and not gulp by gulp. Let it get to you; don’t try to get to it. This is the way to do it. Remember to leave two hours after your last drink.


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