How to Avoid Frozen Pipes

fpi As soon as winter arrives, all your household worries start. Yes you do have to take out your heavy winter woolens out from the cupboard, take extra care of  skin, and do many more things as well. However, have you thought about dealing with the most common as well as irritating problem? Do you know how to avoid frozen pipes?

This problem is really serious and if you wish to prevent  it then you will certainly have to begin working on the problem in advance. Therefore, you have to start several weeks before winter knocks at your door. Here are some tips that will certainly be very handy for you.

Begin Working

Get to work in autumn. Make sure that you take away all the visible garden hoses from the faucets located outdoors. Drain the hoses and make sure that you store them properly. During winter, if you need to use your garden hose then make sure that you detach it from the taps. Always make it a point to drain away the excess water from the spigot as well as the hose so that you can avoid the damage caused by freezing.

Check Plumbing Lines

You should also make it a point to inspect the inside and outside of your home regularly. This will allow you to check plumbing lines. In case the lines are exposed and are not covered then you should make sure that you offer them sufficient protection so that they don’t get frozen during winter.

Cut off Cold Air

If you find that your water lines are situated in a crawl area, then you need to figure out if there are little spaces through which, chilling air may enter. After you do that, make the necessary corrections in order to stop cold air from getting inside. You need to bear these in mind if you want to lessen the problem of freezing pipes.


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