How to avoid common hair-care complaints

hca Every one wants healthy hair. Every girl’s dream is to have hair with a well-nourished look. Whether you have silky-soft hair texture or whether your natural hair texture is extremely curly and a wee bit on the dry side, by taking enough care, you can always get that healthy look, irrespective of your hair type.

Choose hair-care products wisely:

The use of hair-care products must in sync with the quality of your hair. For example, if your hair has become dull or matte due to constant exposure to harsh sun, then you must use a good conditioner on a regular basis. Using a hair serum also helps to tone down frizzy hair and make the texture smoother.

However, in case you have soft, straight hair and complain that the hair goes limp after every wash and does not have a natural bounce, then it makes good sense to re-check the type of shampoo and conditioner you are using.

For people with scalps that tend to secrete oil, the use of shampoos with leave-in conditioners is best avoided. These shampoos have some amount of oil-content in them and the use will only add to the problem of limp and lifeless hair.

Oil your hair regularly:

Many people do the mistake of oiling hair merely 15-20 minutes before a bath and then washing off with a shampoo. Exposure to oil for such a short duration does not help to provide the required conditioning.

Keep hair oiled for a minimum of one hour before washing off. For best results, oil the hair at night and wash off the next day. Use a towel on the pillow to avoid the oil-marks on your bed-linen.

Include multi-vitamins in your diet:

Include different vitamin supplements in your diet. Cod-liver pearls are known to give a rich, healthy glow to hair. You can also nourish hair directly by using hair packs made from eggs, plain yogurt, etc.


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