How to avoid abdominal cramps

Cramp anywhere is really a troublesome health problem. However, abdominal cramps can make you so uncomfortable that you may be unable to do anything in your routine and just bend forward to bear the pain. Any work is then not possible and you really need to search for a bed to sleep and tackle the pain.

There are many reasons that can cause abdominal cramps. They are the pains but twisting or churning in nature. Abdominal cramps are not so serious but then they are quite common. However, in some cases, they may suggest some diseased condition that requires screening and appropriate treatment.

Whatever the case is, we have to learn about it. Let us look at some important points on how to avoid abdominal cramps:-

1. Abdominal cramps are generally due to any change in food quality. If the food is contaminated, one may get abdominal cramps as a part of food infections. The best thing is avoid such food. Outside food, canned or packed food and foods containing preservatives are main culprit.

2. In women, abdominal cramps could be due to menstrual cycle. The pain or cramps are more if the cycle is delayed or heavy. For this reason, analgesics may work. Placing hot bags on affected area may give relief.

3. Over eating can also cause abdominal cramps. Avoid over eating. Also, too spicy and oily food may also give rise to abdominal discomfort.

4. Take enough fluid intake, preferably fresh fruit juices regularly. Also, eat plenty of water in a day.

5. Fiber rich foods are good for the intestines. This is because fiber provides smooth digestion and prevents the constipation and so abdominal cramps.

Go for intestinal cleansing periodically. There are many products available for cleansing but go for the product that contains natural herbal extracts.


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