How to Attract the Opposite Sex

opposite We are not talking about win some, lose some here. We are talking about a win-win situation. If you have wondered how to attract the opposite sex, you must read this article if you want look ‘in’ and be cool and collected. It’s common knowledge that girls like to be chased and be looked at.

It’s also more than common knowledge that they expect a guy to make the first move. Of course, it’s weird, but more often than not this situation leaves guys feeling confused and often overwhelmed with the thought of being rejected. This article tells you how to be a brave heart and take matters into your own hands so you can be the creator of a situation and learn how to master it.

Well, its transformation time…Girls like a good dresser. Someone who looks good, smells good, and who makes them feel good. So, as the saying goes, “turn over a new leaf.” Just kiss all your old habits goodbye. Get into some clean and classy clothes and throw your muddy jeans into the washing machine.

Cleaning up your act is the thought for the day so clean up your nails, your body, and your manners. Look neat and clean, but do not overdo the act with a picky habit of carrying a neatly-folded handkerchief and a brush or a comb. If you have developed a crush on a girl who is chic and classy, change your dress sense to that of a cool guy who is well-dressed at all times.

But if you feel attracted to a girl who rides a motorcycle, then flash your rings and tattoos all over the place. But the rule is to change your dress sense according to the girl you like or are attracted to.

Learn to stand tall and look confident. Girls like a guy who has a flair for projecting himself as romantic and classy. Always wear a smile and look tender along with making eye contact and touching a girl in a tender manner. Everyone likes a person with a good sense of humor. Girls especially like a guy who makes them laugh and who can turn any situation into an endearing one. Learn to be attentive and be a good listener.

Find out if there are common interests and make the girl feel comfortable while making eye contact and concentrating only on her. Just like a flower, a girl will open up slowly once you let her feel and know that she is more special than a princess or more precious than gold. Though these are valuable secrets , take them in slowly and learn value from it instead of being a brash know-it-all.


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