How to Arrange Your Seating Area at Office

officee Office is your next home as you spend the maximum time of your day at office. So, the place you sit should be arranged carefully. Your cabin is your private place at office and you have every right to decorate your cabin as you wish.

If the cabin is decorated according to your choice, it will be more relaxing to work there. On the other hand, if your place is not arranged properly, you will not feel good about it and won’t be able to work from your heart. Here are some unique ideas on how to arrange your cabin or seating area at office. Follow the tips and decorate your place according to your wish.

1. Put a family photograph in the table. It will make your seating area a little more close to your heart. Everyday, you will be able to start your work by seeing your family members. You can put your baby’s picture only if you don’t want to put the pictures of all your family members.

2. Keep a flower vase in your seating area. Flowers are very refreshing and it will increase your enthusiasm towards your job. However, you have to change the flower vase with fresh flowers every morning. Otherwise the flowers of previous day will become rotten and will start smelling.

3. If you want to motivate yourself at work, you can take a print out of a motivating quotation and stick it in your working area or in your cabin. You can also put some inspirational words in your cabin that would inspire you everyday.

4. Keep all the necessary items in your drawer and lock it. Sometimes you need to keep certain important things in office. In that case keep the key of the drawer to yourself to keep the things safe in your office.


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