How to Arrange Furniture in a Living Room

furniture Living room is the place where our family, friends or guests gather and visit often, so, we must make special effort to make this room comfortable and friendly. Arranging furniture in the living room can be one of the most intimidating, yet most important home décor decisions. Here are a few valuable tips on how to position furniture in your living room.   

While arranging furniture in a living room, the most essential part is deciding on a focal point, which will act as the anchor for the room. All other furniture elements placed in the living room will revolve around the focal point.

Step 1: Decide on the focal point, which could be anything – a fireplace, a large window, a large piece of artwork or picture, or an entertainment center. This design element will play the pivotal role, while everything else will be secondary. Make sure the focal point is anchored to a wall, and position the other furniture directly in front of this point.

Step 2: Place sofas and chairs perpendicular to each other, such that a square or rectangular seating area is created in front of the focal point. The seating elements must face each other in order for the area to be conducive as a socializing point. Place a coffee table or trunk in the heart of the seating arrangement to serve as a place for putting drinks and snacks.

Step 3: Make sure your furniture is equally balanced across the room. For example, if you have a heavy sofa in one area of the room, place furniture of similar weight directly across the sofa, like a love seat with table, or 2 rocking chairs.

Step 4: Make use of any unused corner spaces in your living room by placing additional chairs, useful end tables, floor vases, chests, or beautiful floor lamps. Find empty walls to put beautiful picture frames, clocks or any other leftover piece of furniture that you have.

Step 5: Another integral consideration while decorating a living room should be to create traffic lanes in the room that are wide enough to facilitate easy movement.

Finally, design your room in such a way that it is comfortable, and the décor reflects your taste and personality.


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