How to Arrange for a Formal Tea Party

ta A tea party is a good idea to entertain your guests without pouring in much of your efforts. You can woo your friends, neighbours, colleagues in one go by inviting them to the tea party served with some palate–tickling snacks. To a formal party, nearly 15 or more guests can be invited depending upon the various arrangements.

The arrangement includes the preparations such as the accommodating place where you are throwing the party and the budget planned for the party. Some specifications should be considered while throwing a formal tea party.

There should be written invitations to invite the guests to the party. If you are planning a formal tea party, tea and coffee should be arranged at the opposite ends of the tea table.
Arrange  for a large table that has the capacity to be decked up for all the serving items and munchies. A tea set is of course required with the teapot, a small milk pot, a sugar bowl, and a carafe of hot water.

A silver tray and all the vessels included in the tea set should be kept at one end of table. A plate of lemons, a tea strainer can be added if required. All the cups and saucers should be arrayed near the teapot.

A coffee service should be arranged at the other end of the table. Separate vessels at the coffee service should be kept such as a coffeepot, a small vessel for cream, a sugar container and flask of hot water to dilute the coffee. For a proper sitting arrangement, chairs should be kept on both sides of the table.

The space in between should be unoccupied for the guests to conveniently serve themselves. The snacks such as cookies, muffins, sandwiches, cakes and scones can be festooned on salver or cake stands in center of table. Serving plates, napkins and cutlery should also be placed in a decorative manner over the table. Do not forget to restock tea, coffee and refreshments as necessary.


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