How to Arrange a Kitty Party at Home

kity Why should men have all the fun? Women should also enjoy life and have fun with friends. Kitty parties are one of the best ways to get together with friends and spend a quality time with them. Through kitty parties women can enjoy the freedom of their part. It is like a ladies day.

This type of ladies’ party is very necessary as these are healthy enough for women. Gossip is a very important activity for women and kitty parties allow them to have the right flavor of gossip. Here are some useful tips on how to arrange a kitty party at your home. Check out the suggestions and throw a party to your friends.

1. Ask your friends to bring some homemade dishes for the party. Each one will bring some food preparations and you will also prepare some dishes for them. It will save your energy to some extent and you all will get a chance to taste each other’s cooking.

2. Arrange for some indoor games for your entertainment. Playing games is a very good source of refreshment especially on kitty parties. You can play cards, or any other games of your choice.

3. You can watch a movie together at home. Watching a movie together and criticizing it can be a fun activity for women. However, select a movie that is the choice of everybody. You can also go for voting.

4. You should also capture the moments of the day in your camera so that you can relish the moments later. Ask each of your friends to bring personal cameras so that they can also take snaps.

5. Forget all your duties that day. Ask your children to go to their friend’s home and ask your husbands to go out. Or you can arrange the party on a day when you are alone at home.


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