How to appoint competent staff?

staff Business continues to enjoy successful performance so long as it has dedicated satisfied staff to keep the business running smoothly. Heavy churn ratio hampers the continuity of the organization and affects the productivity. It is indeed important for enterprises to retain proficient employees as they are the assets of the organization.

Selection of candidates requires a lot of time, money and effort. Companies spend a whole lot of money into advertisement and consultation firms to get employees of required skill set and experience.

A business cannot function without dedicated competent employees. As a human resource expertise, you have to possess the right attributes and attitude to screen employees in an efficient manner. Analyze your job requirements in terms of job profile, job work, job description, requisite number of employees and evaluate the efficacy of existing selection procedure in the light of present business needs.

Given here are some instructions to select competent staff of your firm:

Step 1 – Interview the candidates keeping your all your bias aside. Do not form any preconceived notions on the basis of appearance, race, age, religion, gender or disability. Be objective in your approach while probing into the qualification and ability of the candidate. Be calm, composed and professional during the interview process!

Step 2 – Seek the assistance of another colleague to carry out the interview process. Two heads are better than one as collective inputs and observations lead to a decision that is more balanced.

Step 3 – Lay down the procedure for checking references and professional background of the candidates. This step plays a crucial role in the authentication of facts stated in the resume.

Step 4 – Probe into the interests and hobbies of the prospective employee to know about his or her personality.

Step 5 – Outline the details related to compensation, rights, duties, rewards and benefits the employee is entitled to upon joining the industry. Clearly state your expectations as well.

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