How to Apply Perfect Make-Up

amk If you want to look picture-perfect everyday then you should know how to apply perfect make-up.

Women love to use make-up, when they are going out. However, you should know the correct method of using make-up, so that you look natural. Every morning, after waking up in the morning you should clean your face with lukewarm water.

How to Use Foundation

Before you step out in the sun you should always use a good sunscreen lotion. You can also mix a few drops of your foundation to the sunscreen and then evenly apply it on your face and neck. The shade of the foundation should match your normal skin tone. After that you can use a compact pressed powder that is one shade lighter that your normal skin tone. That will make your skin look clean and beautiful.

Choose your Blusher

The next essential step is to apply blusher. You should opt for shades such as light pink, peaches, or browns. Don’t wear bronze blushers during the day. Apply the blusher gingerly on the apple of your cheeks and then blend with a sponge or your finger tips.

Time for Eye Make-Up

If you can apply eye make properly then half the battle is won. During the day wear light shades of eye shadow and blend nicely. Then with the help of a little jet black mascara you need to curl your eyelashes. Next you have the eyeliner. Select a shade of your choice, such a black or brown. If your eyelids are oily then you should use a dry eye pencil instead of liquid eyeliner. Line your lower lashes with a dark eye pencil.

Spread a drop of foundation of your lips and line them with a lip liner in a neutral shade. Fill your lips with a natural gloss. You lips will sparkle and shine with all their might.


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