How to apply make up easily?

mkup Applying make up to your face and making it look stunning is not a hard job as many believe. You can follow the below steps one by one to have a wonderful face done much easily.

The first and the important step you need to take care is to collect all make up articles at a single area whether it is in a make up kit or some spot on the dressing table. Organize well your make up articles so that you need not run here and there while doing your face.

The minimum contents of a make up kit is moisturizer, cleanser, liquid foundation, compact, eye liner, eye shadow, lip liner, lip stick, rouge, cotton swabs, etc. Before you start, be aware of the occasion, time and the climate of that particular place where you are. Make up your face accordingly.

Begin with applying moisturizer on face and neck that best suits your skin type. Wipe out excess using a tissue or a cotton swab.

Apply the liquid foundation by using your finger tip to put dots all over your face and neck that shows. Blend it well using the fingers leaving no gaps in between. Dab with a cotton wool or a tissue to take away the excess.

Now apply the compact over the foundation applied. Always be careful to choose the compact which is closest to your skin color and tone so that it does not look made up.

To make up your eyes, begin with a good shade of eye shadow. Then give a neat outline defining your eyes using a liquid eye liner. Use an eye pencil for lower rim of eye.

Make your lips look great by lining your lips with a lip liner of your preferred shade. Fill in with a suitable shade of lipstick. Use a gloss if you prefer.
Suck your cheeks inside and apply rouge on the cheek bone to finish your make up with a beautiful look.


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