How to apply great eye-liner

liner One of the most basic steps to giving your eyes an attractive look is using an eye-liner. You must apply it with a very steady hand. According to the kind of eyes you have, whether they are big or small, close-set, etc you can tweak the ways to apply the liner a bit.

You can also change the liner style depending on the dress you are wearing. A thick and bold eye-liner will give you a bold look while a thin liner will make you look dainty and just about define the eyes, giving a minimalistic look.

Eye-liner defines your eyes like nothing else does. To use eyeliner, close your eyes half-way and with a steady hand, pull a line from the centre, above the pupil, to the end of your eyes. Cut a sharp end. Now, complete the curve by stretching the line from the middle to towards the front side. Now, repeat a line from the start to the end curve in one go. You can thicken the liner towards the end for a bolder look. A wide range of eye-liner shades are available, including the basic black and brown, khaki, navy, grey, etc.

For close-set eyes, you can use a darker shade on the outer side. Draw a curve from above the pupil to the end, by stretching a swift, bold end thickly. Smudge this end gently to get a smoky effect. Towards the inner side, lightly use a brown liner, or a very thin line of black eye-liner.  This will make the space between the eyes appear wider.

For small eyes, use thick eyeliner on your eyes, which gets thicker at the ends. Use a silver or bronze colored pencil on the lower lid. This will make your eyes look bigger and give an attractive look to your eyes.


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