How to apply foundation

afo As the name itself is, foundation is ‘the ultimate foundation’ of the entire make up. And applying foundation calls for much care and expertise. When you apply foundation to your face, you should be getting a clear, finished and a polished appearance.

If it appears otherwise, you must understand that you have not put it in the right way. A foundation when used properly should be able to cover your blemishes, scars, rough spots and other disturbing factors.
Now below are a few tips to help you apply foundation effectively.

• Cleansing the skin should be the first step that should come in your mind when you go for any make up. Cleanse it well using a good cleanser and then go for moisturising your skin. Only when you are sure that there is no excess moisturiser left over your skin and the required quantity is well absorbed by the skin, start applying foundation.

• Use your ring finger to spot the foundation that you prefer (either cream or liquid), starting from the eyes and the T-Zone area. Blend it well with the help of a make up sponge or your hand from the top of the face downwards. Be careful that you do not neglect the creases beneath your eyes, your jawbone and your neck.

• Apply foundation softly to the areas like the corner of the eye, sides of the mouth, etc. Blend it using the finger or the makeup sponge so that you do not have cluttered foundation in that area.

• After you are done with the foundation and you are sure that you have a polished and uniform look on your face, dust it lightly with a translucent powder.

• When you are done, look at your face in the mirror to locate any flaws if any. Remember, the best make up should be done in such a way that you do not look made up. Keep your natural tone undisturbed.


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