How to apply for ISBN?

is ISBN is a standard number printed on books by the publishing houses. It is a long string of unique numbers used for specifying the publisher code, language or country code, title code and other details related to a book.

As a publisher you will have to comply with the formality to get registered for ISBN if you wish to add credibility to original works published by you. ISBN is the authority that standardizes the published works throughout the world by issuing ISBN numbers to the applicant publishers.

The procedure is fairly simple. Once you are through with the formalities, the concerned authority of the ISBN would issue ISBNs in the package of tens. If you require more than 10 ISBNs to meet your large scale needs then you can accordingly apply for the same. Keep sufficient amount of budget aside to pay for the application fees.

It is also to be noted that every version or edition has a different set of ISBN numbers. Every book published should also include a distinct LCCN and a bar code.

Read the instructions to know how to go about with an ISBN for your publishing firm:

Step 1 –Write down all the information pertaining to your publishing firm name, complete address and contact numbers and details of a particular original publication.

Step2 – Log on the website from your PC or laptop.

Step3 – Search for ISBN application icon and click on it.

Step4 – Fill up the online form as per the instructions stated in the form. Pay for the charges using your debit or credit card.

Step5 – Submit the application form. The authentication takes about 10 days after which you will receive 10 ISBNs via mail.

Step6 – Ensure to include these ISBN in the back cover as well the copyright page.

Step7 – Get your ISBN registered with

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