How to Apply Eyeshadow

Are you wasting the eyeshadows you buy because you don’t know how to apply them the right way? Well, here’s your chance to break out of your every day makeup rut and learn how to put eyeshadow on so that you look great everytime.

Eyeshadow is an integral part of eye makeup because applying the shadow properly not only defines the eyes but also adds drama amd makes them stand out in some quick easy steps.

The following tips and tricks will guide you through the right and wrong ways of applying eyeshadow for a gorgeous look:

1. Blending is the key. Use all three colors of an eyeshadow (base, highlighter and main color) and blend them well so that they appear to be merging into each other. Brush the lighter base color first; apply the lid color; and then go for the highlighting. Remember not to be to heavy handed while applying.

2. Choose shadows that bring out the color of your eyes.

3. Apply shadow up to the brow bone; but remember, never to apply dark colored shadow on the bone, or it’ll look too dramatic.

4. While applying highlighter to the crease of your eye, carefully blend it only on the outer edge.

5. Keep eye shadow in place for hours using a shadow base.

6. It’s great style to use shimmer on eyes, but shimmer also makes heavy lids, lines and wrinkles look prominent. The best way for a shimmered look is to keep your lid nude, but apply a touch of gold shimmer to the browbone.

7. If you are making up a smoky eye, make sure not to extend shadow color above the crease.

8. If you are coloring your lips with a ‘dramatic red’, keep your eyeshadow light.

9. You can make eyes look brighter with a touch of white shadow or pencil on the inside of the eye close to the tear duct.

10. Eyeshadow shades like taupe and lavender go well with all eye colors.


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