How to apply eye shimmer

eyeshi Movie-star eyes are easy to achieve.  In less than twenty minutes you can have bright, beautiful and shimmery eyes just like your favorite red carpet actress.  All it takes is a little eye shimmer, a skilled hand and a good application brush.  In this article we’ll teach you in just a few short steps how to get the glamorous eyes that you crave.

Start off with a clean palate.  Make sure that your face is washed and dried.  Do not rub it dry as this will cause redness.  Lightly moisturize your skin and make sure your moisturizer is evenly applied.  Next, take a concealer stick or powder and apply it evenly around the face.  You may need extra concealer around the eyes to cover up any dark blotches.  Complete the make-up on the rest of your face before you begin to work on your eyes.

Select an eye shadow that either matches the color of the outfit you are wearing or that brings out the color of your eyes.  First, line your eyes with some eyeliner.  Next, brush on some eye shadow starting with the inside corner of your eye and working outward.  If you have never used a powder shimmer before, wet your brush and remove the excess water.  Take the wet brush and make a line over your eyelid.  With the tip of the brush, lightly place it in the powder and then bring it across your eyelid over the wet line.  If you have added too much eye shimmer, lightly dab your eyelid with a tissue.

If you are not comfortable with a powder eye shimmer, you can use a cream one.  Use a spongy applicator and start with the inside corner of your eye and work outward.  Finish the look with some loose powder.

For a rock star look, add the eye shimmer to your mascara brush and run it through your eyelashes.


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