How to Apply Eye Shimmer for Beginners

eyi For most women, beauty is in the hands of the person holding the make-up. They don’t tend to believe in natural beauty, but more in celebrity beauty. This, as we all know, means make-up persons applying make-up on our faces instead of us. Well the truth is, we can all look as lovely as the celebrities and models with as little as 20 minutes and a thing we called Eye Shimmer. Give yourself a few minutes, pay close attention, and get ready to walk out the door looking fabulous.

The first thing to do is make sure your face is freshly clean. Grab a cloth and a bar of soft soap and lather the cloth with the soap. Softly scrub your face until all make-up from the previous night is off, any sweat, or any dirt in general. Then take a nice warm towel and pat your face dry softly. If you are prone to dry skin, you may even want to apply some moisturizer at this point.

Eye shimmer should be one of, if not the, last step you take before walking out the door, so make sure your makeup is done first.
Apply compact/concealer and any other makeup to your face. Make sure it’s not too strong or too soft as this could hurt the look of the eye shimmer. Blend it into the circles under your eyes and your fine lines or blemishes. Take a step back and make sure it looks nice in the mirror.

Then apply a light eye shadow to match with your attire. Again, don’t let it overpower the shimmer, but don’t under do it either. You can also apply eye liner lightly on the lower lid, if you have a matching color.

To apply the shimmer, gently dip your brush into the shimmer and, in one swift motion, apply it in one direction over the eye lid. If you are a little skeptical about the powder, you can wet the brush. Once it is wet, squeeze the excess water out, and then draw over your lid in a fine line.

Now that you have a wet line, you can apply the soft powder with the brush. Be careful, however, that you do not clump it on your eye. If that does happen, you can use a cotton ball or tissue to dab out the clumps.

The liquid/cream eye shimmer is the easier of the two to apply. Simply dip a brush with a spongy end into the cream. Then tap the extra cream off and swiftly apply the brush to your eyes.

Finally, if you do not wish to put the eye shimmer on your eyes, you can sprinkle some onto your mascara brush and apply it there. This looks elegant, beautiful and you will surely look like a star.


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