How to Apply Blusher

bl To give makeup up a finished look, blusher is very essential. You makeup is incomplete without blusher. Blusher can make your makeup look very good if it applied in the right way, but it can make it look really messy if it is not applied by keeping few things in the mind. If it is applied in the right way, it can even give your face a longer or wider look according to the requirement. Follow the following tips and suggestions while applying blusher and see the results in your overall look.

Apply a little shimmer on the highest point of the cheek bone, i.e. the area near the eyes. This will give a very sexy look to your makeup. Try to give your blusher a very natural look by using a slightly darker shade on the cheekbone and then blending it with the cheek area.

It is very important to clean the blusher brushes. You can clean them with a baby brush or even non-soapy cleanser. This will avoid the transfer of bacteria on the skin. Cream blushers can be used on lips as well, but it should be applied with the fingertips. If you are going to night parties only, opt for frost blush.

Apply a light-colored frost eyeshadow or lipper like gold, silver, light pink, and even beige on the cheekbone. For that rosy cheek look, use gel or liquid blushers. Use only a drop of gel on the top of the cheekbone and only two smaller drops on the cheeks. Blend them really well for that natural look.

Look straight into the mirror and then suck in your cheeks and apply the blusher. Use a lighter shade on the top and stop before the area under the eyes. If you are using powder blusher, apply it in one direction. If you want to make your face look longer, concentrate more on the outer area and the hairline. Use darkest shade on the hollow, making a ‘C’ shape, but use a lighter one on the apple of the cheek and on the chin.

These tips will give a perfect finishing look to you make up and you will surely get noticed.


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