How to apply blusher

hab Make up is definitely an art and it requires a good knowledge as well as a thorough practice. A blush is the last addition to your face make up. A blush is usually applied to highlight some features of your face making it appear more beautiful. Depending on how you apply the blush you can make your face look wider or longer.

To learn how to apply blush properly read the below tips

The first step is to pick the right colour that matches with your complexion. While you choose the colour, make sure that you are not going for an artificial appearing shade.  A general idea for fair complexion is to choose shades of roses or peach and for dark skin, some shades like apricot.

According to the texture of the skin, select from powder, cream, gel or liquid blush. The powder blush is ideal for oily or combination skin type. For dry skin, use only cream blush. For oily skin, choose gel or liquid blush. Usually liquid gels leave stains on cheeks. So apply it very lightly and dab your face with powder so that it gives out a natural look.

Use a large make up brush and dab a little powder blush. Tap off if there is any excess. Now suck your cheeks inwards so that you get your cheekbones outward. Now apply on that area and blend it well using the brush.

Remember, a blush should only give an illusion on your face and not show as it has been colored. Now, apply a translucent powder to make it last for long time as well as to give it a finished look.

If you really want your blush to stay longer, mix a little powder to the cream blush and apply. This will give a lasting result.


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