How To Apply Blush Perfectly

blush A quick sweep of blush can bring radiance and glow instantly to an otherwise dull, drowsy face. The “ever-so-versatile” blusher is one of the beauty essentials that can give your face a wonderful makeover if applied in the right way. Follow this step-by-step guide for all you need to know about how to apply blush perfectly.

Blush or blusher can be used to add natural color to the face, highlight the best features, soften a prominent cheekbone and warm up skin tone. This makeup product can even be used to create an illusion of a slimmer facial shape.

Step 1: Choose the color of blush that suits your skin tone. The trick here, is to opt for a shade that matches your cheeks when they are flushed after exercise. A quick-fire method can be to spank your cheeks a bit and use the resulting color to match with blush color. Or else you can match the color of the blusher with your lip color as well. Rose hued blushes look great on fair skin, while olive goes well with peach complexion and apricot or even red can suit a dark skin. Choose a lighter color for day use and a darker shade for a more striking evening look. Make sure your blush and the lipstick are in the same color family.

Step 2: While considering the type of blush for your skin, do remember that cream blush works well on dry skin while powder blush is more suited for oily skin.

Step 3: Apply the blush after applying foundation, powder and all eye makeup.

Step 4: If you are using powder blush, apply with a full, round brush to give your face a softer and more professional look. Take a small amount of blush on the tip of the brush, and gently shake away any excess. For cream blush, take a small amount of the blush on your middle finger.

Step 5: Look in the mirror and smile, to make the apples of your cheeks more prominent.

Step 6: Dab powder blush on the apple of your cheek, and with gentle strokes of the brush, blend it up your cheekbone toward your hairline. If using cream blush, dot blush on the apples first, and then gently blend up the cheekbone with your ring and middle fingers.

Step 7: If you have a fuller face, give a hint of blush at the outside of your face near the hairline. If you have high cheekbones,you can highlight them by concentrating blush in the center of your face. Blend the blush well so that you do not look too dramatic.

Step 8: Apply a layer of translucent powder to lighten the effects of the blush.


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